ridge rd: arch nemesis

now that i am getting more miles per run, the search for a logical and fun running route becomes critical to avoid the “back and forth” routes, where you just run short distant loops over and over again (kind of a step up from a treadmill), or the complicated routes where you literally have to take notes to remember which roads you need to take to get your mileage. neither are fun.

neither is ridge rd. ridge rd is a road that connects garth to free union, and it’s beautiful. one of those roads where you want to just take pictures of the cows and the acres and acres framed by the blue ridge mountains. you could clasify ridge rd as a back and forth route — it’s one, 4 mile long road, so you run from garth to free union back to garth. then the tradition is to run to the stop sign at rige and garth, jump up, and slap the sign. like slapping that terrible, treaterous, mentally disabling stupid run.

i hate ridge rd and it conquered me this weekend. and i won’t stop running until i conquer it. the hills, the climbs, the false summits, the butterflies that fly in your way, the sun in your eye, guess what. i’m coming for you. and i’m going to slap you in the face harder than i slap that stupid sign at the end of your stupid road STUPID!


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