archive of dreams

people i want to hang out with, places i want to go, things i want to do, music i want to play, lives i want to be a part of; some for a long time, some for a short time. 45hr/wk, this and energy codes is what i think about.

new orleans - where i want to be

on the banks of the mississippi

detroit - def needing some help

tom petty!!!!

billy martin


in the words of otis redding, i’ve got dreams, dreams to remember. trying not to get carried away by life going on to forget. i’m considering this somewhat of a bucket list. so far in my life i have crossed 2 things off my bucket list: seeing phish live in concert, and hiking a 14er in colorado. in november i will cross running a half marathon off. typically, my general rule of thumb with bucket lists is to make them up on the fly so that i typically only put something ON my bucketlist after or while i am completing something. i feel accomplished that way. but, desparate times call for desparate measures!

but really i’m not that desparate, just a little bored. this weekend was good. it was busy but my room mate and i caught a chance to rest on the couch looking out our backdoors to the crazy thunderstorm outside today. such good timing for a 30min break.


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