The things I miss

Lately I have been so busy. Up to my ears with things. Stuff. Little nothings that take up more time than big somethings, or at least seem to with how they soak up all the interest and life out of every task and ring it right out in the mud. But I have been carrying on by remembering the things I have been blessed to have done or experienced in the past, and thinking about the things I want to do in the future. My future of big somethings.

Going to the corner with becca fourth year
Coming home to 9 other girls just hanging out shooting the breeze 🙂
Everything maywood!
Fireworks at bbqs
Rafting the new river
Riding bikes in the neighborhood
Tgif with kirstin 🙂
Beers on the danube in salzburg
Pillow talk with jessie
Bonnaroo and all its delightful disgustingness
Walking around at night
Not having work
Affordable housing
Dirt the dessert!
Grateful dead and water colors on the back porch
Phish on the lawn
Dr dog in the jefferson
Night time rides between township lines
Falling asleep to music with my roommate
lightning bugs in my neighborhoods
Star gazing
Likeminded friends
Backyard parties
road trips
Spontaneous fun
Eating homemade food with strangers. Yum!
Baking cupcakes
Getting pied in the face


One Response to “The things I miss”

  1. Laura L Says:

    booo…I don’t see my name mentioned and where our pictures!?
    But I feel your pain girly :/

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