NIW days 4, 5, 6, 7: wow

so if you couldnt tell by how i havent updated since day 3, i’ve been super busy! but, rest assured, i have still been keepin on with NIW! but, rather than tell you how the 4 remaining days went, i am instead going to tell you my reactions to the week, future steps, and just random thoughts. all in bullet form because that’s how i operate

  • i am happy i did this
  • but, i would only do it again if i had more time to think about things, and be more intentional with having no impact
  • coworker’s mocked the idea of niw because they said “WE HAVE AN IMPACT JUST BE BEING DERRr”, but the point was to make ourselves aware of the waste we do produce, and identify behavioral changes that mitigate these wasteful living habits. so, as willow smith puts it: don’t let haters keep me off my grind
  • my grind: service first! personal convictions like no impact second. yes i am going to carry around rags to dry my hands and reuse my plastic baggies and shop at thift stores or not shop at all and buy locally and take fewer showers (been savin water for 22 years!) and turn off lights and bike to work and coffee dates and not use paper towels and use reusable mugs and plastic ware and many other things, but i am still going to buy dominos pizza to feed friends serving the church needs.
  • composting: my next goal. i amso excited!!!  leanna, my future roomie, wants to help
  •  garden at my new place (~2 weeks!!!)
  • rain barrel at my new place
  • wash clothes and hand towels at my new place
  • if you add one more “a”, place becomes palace.
  • operable windows at my new place
  • hanging plants at my new place
  • biking to and from my new place
  • i am currently eating  a platter of local carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and tortillas. yum 🙂

so essentially, i didn’t get super convicted about the water and electricity challenges of NIW. i need to think more about this…

that’s a good look.


One Response to “NIW days 4, 5, 6, 7: wow”

  1. Laura L Says:

    Hahaha got a kick out of this post..especially the photo. That’s my Kate in her natural habitat alright 🙂 amen to service first. Now that you’re done I feel lazy about posting any more of mine…

    I’m pumped about your new palace! It’s going to feel like home to me cause I remember that’s how I used to live in China…ah..good times.

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