NIW day 2 & 3: trash and travel

into the third day of NIW!!! i have to say — i sort of hate it. well, ok. i really like the trash challenge, and i really like the suggestions to always carry a travel mug and reusable (and reused!) plastic bag and baggies, and a rag in your bag at all times. jus tthink about how much that can save! i have definitely been tempted to buy coffee these past few days but stopped myself because i didn’t have my travel mug. also this makes me eat IN more so i don’t waste packaging and water, and i never use paper towels anymore. it’s sort of like i’m a new person. that was a huge step for me.

but i’m going to be honest. i have been saving my trash in various plastic bags to accumulate later, but i have NOT been saving anything that can be recycled or composted or put down the garbage disposal. is this deceitful? perhaps. but, at least i’m honest about it.

the second thing i’m going to be honest about is that the transportation challenge is kicking my butt and i hate it. i should have known better than to start my day off at 7:40 by biking ~4-5mi to babysit for 4 different familes all before 3:30pm on a saturday. SO, after biking to gabe and betsy’s, driving their car to ruckersville to get a uhaul, driving their car to another family’s house to babysit THEIR kids too, dropping one kid back off at gabe and betsy’s, i didn’t have time to bike home and get my car to go to bobby and audrey’s to babysit their kid, so i drove gabe’s car there. CONFESSION. I CHEATED. and then gabe put my bike in the car and drove me home after i helped him pack up his car. I CHEATED AND I DON’T CARE BECAUSE THAT WAS RIDICULOUS. this day would have been ridiculous if i had a car. take the car out of the mix and throw a bike in? i haven’t been this stressed since i was planning my trip to europe.

so, lessons learned!

  • when living a life of service, put service first, not personal desire to save the world. not that those are mutually exclusive, but in today’s example, that was just really tough and impractical and wasted some of everyone’s time. 
  • it’s not easy cutting back on waste, but once i understand how every decision makes a difference, it’s really not that tough and i do actually enjoy this part.
  • i srsly need to eat and sleep more if i am going to keep up biking.
  • i want to compost! yay science! yay veggies because they are perfect!
  • i saw a turtle crossing the road when i was biking!!  



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