NIW day 1: consumption

the first day is over!! it was actually sort of tough today, to be faced with all the things i throw out. i found my biggest culprit to be paper towels at work. i told my coworker i was doing NIW and said we should get a hand towel in the bathroom — she loved the idea! also as a side note, the same coworker is on breakfast duty tomorrrow for the company, and i convinced her to get her bagels in a reusable bag instead of the paper bags they give you 🙂 gotta love working for a green company!!

but really today was about consumption — how much do i really consume? honestly, i don’t think i consume that much, and today confirmed that. the only thing i bought today was a money order to pay rent and a bike head lamp and tail light which needed for legality issues (oh yea safety too). but, i am being prideful. tomorrow i am going to consume gas while i drive to drop off my rent, and then i’m going to consume some sort of to-go food and that will also generate waste. BUT, i’m going ot save it all in a bag so i can be convicted on how much i use!!

  • laura suggested i carry rags which could be made from old clothing in my purse at all times, so that i can use that to dry my hands or blow my nose or hopefully  not both of those things.
  • i am so much more aware of all my waste now and honestly ifeel like its not that tough to make simple decisions to reduce waste and consumption even a little bit. ex: use a hand towel instead of paper towels. put a washcloth in the kitchen to wipe the counters intead of lysol strips or paper towels. recycle!!! buy bulk! buy tings packaged in recyclable material!
  • what is going to happen when i go actual food shopping? i just got some coupons today…but technically those aren’t my waste because the cashier takes them. win by technicality still counts!
  • what about toilet paper?
  • what about hygenic stuff like tooth paste?
  • i want to repurpose everything
  • what about all the time i don’t have
  • still stressing about the bike rides on ~95deg days. ugh. i may not have energy to smile.

so the challenge tomorrow issssss::::::: THE TRASH CHALLENGE!!! the steps are as follows:

  • analyze the trash i set aside from yesterday — what did i use for more than ten minutes? the twisty  tie for my bike light, and the bag my pitas came in.
  • put together a no-trash travel kit. mine will have plastic bag, tupperware, hand towel

easy!! sort of…?

how could you pita, how could you


2 Responses to “NIW day 1: consumption”

  1. Laura Lin Says:

    hahaha…for shame pita for shame…and to think I have the same exact one sitting in my fridge. tsk tsk.

    I was too busy talking about how much I didn’t consume that I forgot all about the gas my car consumed today..boooooo. Good thing we’re not on the transportation challenge yet … WIN. 🙂

  2. Kirstin Bowdler Says:

    So my goal/plan when it comes to food is to make/grow my own. I kind of need an actual yard to have my own garden so that one will have to come in time, but I am trying to learn how to make my own food from basic ingredients like flour, sugar, yeast, water etc. etc. that way I don’t have to buy as much and I can know exactly what’s going into everything 🙂 I think I will always fail when in comes to using my car…does taking the bus count for gas consumption?

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