No Impact Week (NIW) — day 0: prep

watashi to watashi no ichiban tomodachi laura chan wa NIW o shimasu!!! laura and i are doing no impact week starting tomorrow (wed)!! sugoii!!! super!!

NIW is basically a week where you shed your life of things that make an impact, such as carbon footprints from vehicle transportation or plastic waste from non-reusable materials. NIW is designed so that you gradually rid your life of wasteful things. on the first day, you “shed” consumption, the second day you “shed” waste, the third day you “shed” emissions from transportation, etc. what i hope to gain from this experience is an understanding of how much waste i actually produce and how i support a cycle of waste and excess in the decisions i make in my ilfe. so, below, i thought i would outline where i think i am now in the waste cycle, where i hope to be, and address the first step in our NIW challenge!

WHERE I AM: so i think i am doing pretty well with the transportation, consumption, and waste part of this project. i already bike to work (but not elsewhere for fear of my life, something i hope to grow in during htis challenge…), i am not buying any new clothes this year, and i buy mostly produce from the grocery store so i am able able to reuse or recycle most things i buy. but, i know that i am wasteful with water (just not as conscious about my usage), paper towels (guilty pleasure? or just security blanket? or just i use them all the time BUT i reuse them to clean the counter and floor. does that justify my usage?), and i drive anywhere that isn’t downtown or belmont in charlottesville because i am afraid for my life.

WHERE I HOPE TO BE: i hope to be able to reuse or recycle all the materials i purchase or have already. i want to give away all my extra clothes or furniture (like ALL MY EXTRAS, not this whole “well i might use it someday…” shpeal). i feel really weighed down by all the things i am carrying around. i hope to use reusable containers to buy bulk. i hope to decorate my room/house with “waste” i have or will obtain. i hope to show my friends and room mates that being conscious about our waste and intentional in our deicions can actually make a big difference. i hope i don’t turn into a huge hippie oh wait i already never shower and hug trees and cows

THINGS I NEED THIS WEEK: so NIW challenge encourages us to write what we need this week and determine what we actually need and cut out what we don’t need.

  • bike tail light — no getting around this one!
  • more food — i need lunches!


  • Toilet paper
  • tissues?
  • electricity/natty gas usage?
  • soaps, etc — i guess i make my own in the future?
  • i wish they had bulk ibuprofen i could scoop into a reusable container

well, all in all, i am very nervous for this week. mostly i am nervous for biking wher ei am not familiar and biking in the dark (remember that dude who killed that girl by following her to her door when she had her key in the keyhole ready to get inside he snagged her? yea. that’s what i think about). also, i just want to point out that it’s supposed to be like 100deg this week and thunderstorming later…awesome. the trash and water thing will be difficult but i am actually very excited to find ways that i can do to reduce my waste. the thing i am most excited about is to find ways to reuse my waste.

wish me luck!! vegan for lyfe.


3 Responses to “No Impact Week (NIW) — day 0: prep”

  1. Laura Lin Says:

    ganbarou ne, watshi no ichiban tomodachi! You go girl! We can do it 😀 I need to write mine too…*sigh* they say that laziness reduces carbon footprints too… okay, I’ll go write mine soon.

  2. Kirstin Bowdler Says:

    whoa. I’m inspired. you’ll do great!! and that story about the girl is really creepy and I KNEW there was a reason I am always freaked out when I go to unlock the door in the dark, its cause those things really do happen…yikes.

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