My life




This weekend was exhausting but it wouldn’t be a weekend of mine any other way :/ I helped babysit with jess and vicky (future roomies!) Then I picked alyssa up from the airport with heather and we kidnapped her and played in the rain. the funniest part about that was that we had to go back and pack afterward. that was a gross experience considering we had no towels or clean clothes to shower. woops.

in other news, i am totally thinking about and praying for tennessee and louisiana and all the other areas who have been hit by the tornadoes and now floods, or both. google is awesome because it shows the damage (click on maps related to miss river floods). i really want to go to tn this weekend and help with recovery but i guess iw ould just be in the heart of the flood at that point. amen. it’s all pretty crazy.

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