Valentines Day

so, i have to say, this year’s valentines day was probably the best valentines day i have ever had. there was no boy, or flowers, or receiving of anything. BUT, there was vegan chocolate involved šŸ™‚

so, i went to on our own on monday feb the 14th after work. on the saturday before, i had been talking to a few of the members and we lemented that we didn’t have a valentine for monday, the 14th. they joked that they were going to set me up (i’m still waiting…), and i said maybe i’d bring in chocolates so we could be lonely together. anyway,Ā the 14th came around and i ran out and got a bag of darkĀ dark chocolate. Ā i had to babysit that evening so i couldn’t stay for long, but i ran into the house to give them the chocolateĀ and there was my friend sitting on the couch right in front. iĀ gaveĀ him andĀ some other guys theĀ chocolate i had promised them on saturday. i really had no idea what to expect, and frankly i was very nervous.Ā BUT, they were so appreciative! especially the friend who i had promised the chocolate to. they said things like ‘”thank you so much for coming in,” “this means so much to me,” “seriously, you made my valentines day”. mind you, this coming from the guy who thought we were taking notes on him and studying him on saturdays. my heart melted. i had a permasmile for the rest of the day. they were my valentines! and i was so grateful how god was able to transform our relationship and help us both to appreciate and love one another. and i was sort of upset because no one ate the chocolate because it was too dark. whatever.


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