what a long strange trip it’s been (and will be?)

well, i never post here anymore. mostly because my computer broke. but i have to admit, there is definitely a sense of freedom not having a computer at home. it’s nice until i need to go back to work after work hours to do something online. i feel like that’s sort of an unhealthy relationship to have with your workplace, feeling like you have to come back after 40hrs/wk. guess where i am now…

something else unhealthy is my house. 60-64deg heat. that’s bad, but what’s worse is that my office is at 78deg, so i actually WANT to come back to work for that extra 18deg of comfort. talk about unhealthy.

anyway, i really only have one update and that’s my experience working with the homeless has been awesome. i have been to on our own, a haven for those recovering from addictions, and mental, emotional, or physical trauma; PACEM; and the haven. it’s been great to focus on building relationships and befriending the people i’ve encountered. it was great when i was at PACEM, i got a chance to talk with someone who is over coming addiction and get advice about someone close to me who is going through a similar thing. i have been focusing on friendship and unconditional and unquestioning love. i am so excited to be learning about how to serve them, how they can serve me, how God dwells with them (Matt 25:34-40), and ultimately how to build a community with them and what God’s intention for His community is. there is so much i want to learn!

i think the theme for my life as a young professional so far has been patience. i see who and what i want to be but there is absolutely nothing i can do to expedite the process getting there. so until then, i just pray that i am going in the right direction and trust that God is bringing me exactly where i need to be through the experiences i need to have. and then enjoy the ride 🙂


3 Responses to “what a long strange trip it’s been (and will be?)”

  1. Kirstin Bowdler Says:

    I literally was just thinking to myself, “Kate hasn’t updated in forever…” and lo and behold…here you are.
    So glad to hear everything has been going well and that you’ve been able to get involved with those organizations. Sounds amazing 🙂

  2. Aryn Says:

    I’d be interested to know what the person from PACEM had to say.
    ….and yes, i still read your blog

  3. rainsuki Says:

    Loving that last sentence..well said my friend well said 🙂 look where he’s already taken us so far! I’m excited to see where we’ll be in a year~~

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