so, i know some people don’t raise or want to raise their children celebrating christmas and easter and halloween, etc. however, i do want to raise my kids like that. i like imagination. i believed in santa when i was little, and i’m still a christian. i believed in the toothfairy, but i made jesus my lord. so, what the hay. i might as well force my kids to take my exact path in life.

so today i am starting my halloween costume. i definitely did NOT plan on starting this late (only 5 more days!!!), but i am finally getting started. i really hope this works. here’s my plan: i want to be a robot because i think that’s so cool and old school. but also i want to wear bright pink fake eye lashes really badly, so i decided to combine the two and become a pretty robot for halloween. here are my supplies:

  • a box that is probably too small to put on my head
  • wire
  • multicolored LED’s
  • a switch
  • a battery pack
  • AAA batteries
  • a box for my torso (i don’t currently have this)



4 Responses to “halloween”

  1. kabowdler Says:

    how did the costume come out? does c-ville have specific trick-or-treat times? apparently pittsburgh does. in squirrel hill the times were 5:30-8:30. lame. whatever happened to the days of waiting until it was dark, traveling from house to house with a flash light and a loaded bag of candy and only coming home because you ran out of space in your bag or your fingers were frozen? what is halloween coming to? AND people sit outside their house with their candy and wait for kids to come. its just wrong!! how can you deprive children of joy of ringing a doorbell and saying trick or treat?

    • kaitlynmeehow Says:

      just be glad we grew up in the right era. i was trying to figure out what some of your costumes were when we were little. i know i was a raptor and felt insecure about it casue that’s definitely a guy thing to do, and either you or lisa was dorthy. but that’s all i remember. oh and you were probably a cat at some point. or maybe that’s just the ridiculously cute picture of you when you were little. all of our years are blurring together kirstin. it’s taking up so much brain space.

  2. kabowdler Says:

    i totally remember when you were a raptor. i always thought it was cool that you were a raptor and not something typical like a princess. lisa was dorothy. i was cat woman. weren’t you pochahontas one year? i was also a witch, a geisha (i guess. i had a kimono) and alice from alice in wonderland. were you a hippy once? we are getting so old. this year i was an artist, only because it was last minute and i literally had nothing else (unless i wanted to be amelia earhart again, which, to be honest, i totally did). i wanted to be the mad hatter but i didnt have the hat. next year though. p.s. i have to work on thanksgiving. can we just talk about how lame growing up is?

  3. elainasays Says:

    lie to your kids……i turned out alright. Satan still comes to my house every christmas eve and i sit on his lap and get a present.

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