awake you sleeper

so i haven’t been posting here because, since the whole point of me having this blog is so i can look back in 10 yrs and be like “oh that’s what i did in my day to day life back then…”, i was determined to do a mass entry to update everything iv’e been doing since my last real update (like, may). but i am giving up on that. what’s the use of blogging when you don’t even want to blog? bloggers freedom, i say!!

so i am getting into baking, but not because i’m a woman. simply because i am curious about vegan baking and i’m determined to make GREAT desserts, not just mediocre desserts that charlottesville settles for because it’s the only vegan option. so lame. honestly, i could make completely mediocre cupcakes and sell them here and people would eat them. and probably “love” them, because compared to everything else vegan in cville, mine would STILL be better. how sad! i’m sick of being judged by non vegans, having them pity my kind (MY kind) for their completely mediocre desserts. i’m done with mediocrity, and it’s so unfortunate that i am surrounded by it. CHARLOTTESVILLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME.

i remember this vegan resaurant in philly called  Horizons. everything there is vegan, and i remember just feeling so relieved and relaxed and at home when i didn’t have to scour over every ingredient listed and ask 5 questions to figure out if i could eat a dish. for once in my life i told the waiter, ” you know what i can’t choose what i want. you pick something and bring it on”. i want that here.


5 Responses to “awake you sleeper”

  1. rainsuki Says:

    Aww amen! You go girl~! I can’t wait for my next visit to Cville..I expect some delicious vegan treats..or else..prepared to be judged! 😀 Oh wait, the bible says no ..right? Btw, there’s a great cupcake place here in DC called sticky fingers and they make ALL VEGAN desserts!!! You should come visit me if you want to taste some glorious vegan baked goods ❤

    • kaitlynmeehow Says:

      ah! that looks awesome! i def want to come visit, and clark is up there too so it’s like a double wammy :D. i hope to call you soon to catch up I MISS YOU!!! aint no bird, gonna sing in my way….HAHA. we sung that the other day and i started laughing 🙂 i love you!!!

  2. aryn Says:

    aww, poor kate. time to start getting experimental in the kitchen!

    ..speaking of experimental, today i will be attempting to make a 6-12 layer cake for my little sis’s birthday. i’ll let you know how it goes. i can just picture megan raising her eyebrows at me like, “You’re going to make a WHAT??” hahahah

  3. kabowdler Says:

    so I like to bake too…but is it only because i’m a girl? i protest. I just like mixing things and then getting to eat it afterward. its practical artistry.

  4. Mexicanita Says:

    ummm can i try your vegan goodies even though i’m not vegan?? p.s. i think my chocolate-rum muffins that i made for you were pretty delicious. not at all mediocre. though i could just be biased…

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