almost steady

so since i’ve been in cville my life has basically been in limbo. BUT, it became a little more anchored today because i moved into my new apt with allie, al, and kirby. YES. i am in the process of unpacking everything. my room is fairly large and i have a lot of hangers. like, a lot. the girl who lived here before me just had a ton of hangers? always handy, espcially to strangl—back alli—-hang clothes. i am very excited for what my room will become. but fitting a drumset in here will be difficult…

speaking of drumsets, i think my friend andi are going to play together, two drummers, gettin it funky. see billy martin and g calvin weston “juju fruit” to understand. becuase obvi, colin and i are as good as billy and g, respectively.

also speaking of music i saw the movie standing in the shadows of motown last night with melissa and it was great. i definitely recommend it. those funk brothers are a cute bunch. now i am on a motown kick ohhh yeaaa. but still i don’t like slow music. i don’t care how much you love someone if you are singing about it in slow motion. but put some kick in it, and i’ll listen. and dance. bam.


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