yup i’m a YUP–young urban professional. although i don’t know about the urban part (cville i know you want to be urban with your “big” crimes and “lots of” problems). anyway, work has been awesome–i love the people, i love the place, i’m actually DOING work so that’s legit. i hear about other people’s jobs and they don’t like it or work too much without getting paid or what have you and i just praise god that i have a phenomenal job. i mean, it has its set backs like i feel like i’m  not really using my major yet, but amen. it’s a job, thank you lord for jobs.

also i’m turning 22 next week. the first of the pathetic birthdays. also i feel like i’m going to preyed upon at bars because i’m 22, single, and have a good job (i.e. money in the bank). conceited? no, paranoid.

so i usually come back from work exhausted. that’sf unny when i’ve just spend 9 hr sitting in front of a comp doing things that don’t always require my brain. i think i am just not used to that life style. i’m used to more go go go do so much in a short time sort of thing. i’ve been really busy after work lately. we had a soccer league for 2rw, and we made it all the way to the finals. it was fun.

here are things i want to do this summer/fall:

  • carters mountain, morning and night!
  • wall ball (hipster)
  • polo (bike and real [watch real, play bike])
  • scourge (that’s for another post–so epic)
  • ultimate friz. get it.

i’m going to philly then boston next week and i’m so excited!!! i have missed my friends and family so much! i can’t wait to see them and spend time in boston it’s gonna be so great. thank you lord for a break in work. yes!

this is my background pic, and the rest are incredible pictures that make my stomach turn. so great.

Enlarge Rays



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