o hold up

lately i’ve noticed a lot of people doing what i did like 5 years ago. just so you know, i’m about 5 years ahead of the times so if you want to know what’s cool in 5 years, look to me. examples:

  • veganism/vegetarianism (that’s like 12 years)
  • trance music (more like 3 years)
  • phish/grateful dead/jam bands (6ish years)
  • being cool (21 years)
  • getting a full time job (3 mo) (this ones def a joke and mildly insensative)

right now some notes you can take from me are that i love beyonce, i strive to be sassy, i drive a ’97 ford explorer that’s so dirty it’ll never get clean, and while i support more traditional roles in marriages, down with the white man. just come back in 5 years. see what happens.


2 Responses to “o hold up”

  1. heffalump Says:

    we are birds of a feather. up with traditional marriage roles, down with white men!

  2. elainasays Says:

    ur gonna have to explain urself with this traditional marriage roles jawn. i dont think u mean what ariel means.

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