moving with plastic bags

the past two days have been a lot of moving but i’m happy to say that i’m successfully moved into my new new apartment. and by moved into i mean that all my stuff is there but they still have to clean so i can’t really move in until aug 10. but i am also out of the fix’s house and into daria’s house that has a bangin bathroom. so rando. i’ll take pictures later.

ALSO i helped gaby move her stuff to christina’s today and we had to tie a box spring to the top of my car. with plastic bags. i love this ministry. i felt like we hsould be in a commercial for the bags an dhow strong they are.


One Response to “moving with plastic bags”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    girlfriend, want to help me move this coming weekend? you can stay w/ me if you’d like. we’ll talk, i’m sure.

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