hallowed grounds…

i have so much to update. i’ll start with this, an awesome post i found on the front page. i love aquatic life! and the ocean is so scarey!!

so i’m back in charlottesville. i got back tues night and wed morning my lovely welcome back gift was my car breaking down. but it was actually a gift because now it’s fixed AND inspected. god, you good.

i’ve run into some random people which has been nice, and i’ve been farting around grounds and downtown trying to prepare for work by learning the programs i should have learned last year. it’s almost creepy how i’ve just fallen into my old routines, going to alderman and stacks, retracing steps exactly from a few weeks ago, procrastinating by updating my blog, listening to pompadour. maybe this will all be muscle memory forever….

so the past few weeks have been CRAZYYYY back home. i am still exhausted! here ar esome things that i did without much detail:

  • go to colleens
  • went to philly for church, cookout, fireworks with americorp people on the 4th. fireworks were AWESOME but short. and we got a ton of free vera bradley. rando
  • talked to dylan with ken about being cool in middles chool, or the lack of coolness
  • went to the city a bunch with  hadley and k to visit tricia and fart around
  • hang with taz ken ian
  • starbucks
  • father-daughter talk with pops
  • PASS MY EIT EXAM!!!!!!! god is so good and i’m more than a little awesome
  • went to wiss fireworks–pretty good
  • got dan an ipod for bday (happy 24th!!!)
  • chestnut hill running
  • wiss middle school running + hills chya!
  • roof with dan
  • walks with dexter and dan
  • car breaking down (that makes the explorer my second in a 2 week period, and 3rd overall)

a photobook of america underwater!



3 Responses to “hallowed grounds…”

  1. elainasays Says:

    im glad ur back in cville. okay so random they handed out free vera bradley stuff. hahhaa. ur funny cus like not long ago u were like im sooooo bored. and now ur like it was crazy busy. u silly girl

  2. kabowdler Says:

    your new favorite phrase seems to be “fart around” which i find funny

    i love photo essays, that was a good one.

  3. heffalump Says:

    can we please fart around together now that you’re back?

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