as it began, so it ends

or rather, begins again?

tonight is my last night in pa for a long long time. my feelings are obviously mixed: excited to go back to va, which i feel like has been my true home for the past 4 years, excited yet nervous to start my job, move into a new place with new people, couch surf until then. but my overwhelming feeling right now is sadness about leaving pa. never again will i have another month break where i can just bum around for a few weeks before i really start seeing friends and doing things. never again will i be at my liesure to leave va when convenient and head back north at a moment’s notice. even though it’s not permanent, being a working woman seems way more permanent than being a student. the next time i’ll be back north is thanksgiving. it’ll be a while before i can shoot the breeze outside starbucks or on our decks or in our kitchens with friends drinking beers. it’ll be a while until i can chill out at sandy’s pool. it’ll be a while before i go act stupid with dan a colleen with the wipps. it’ll just be a while.

it’s funny because i remember in high school my brother and i used to sit out on our driveway junior and senior year the night before classes started. i can’t remember what we talked about really but we were together and that’s what i remember and means the most. tonight, ian taz and sean came over and we hung out on the deck and listened to music, drank yards, and chatted. it was so perfect. then when they all left, dan and i went up on the roof and talked about god and futures and logic and emotions and fate. it’s the day before i leave to embark on my carzy new life. it’s funny how things come around.

things i will miss from home:

  • dad’s vegan baking. mmm mmmmmmmmm the BEST
  • our deck
  • fam, friends (duh)
  • sitting outside with friends drinking beers shooting the breeze
  • world cafe live
  • dexter (fine i’ll admit it)
  • starbucks in springhouse

this list will be added to….


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