boring update

so. it’s been a busy week.

last wed i spent the day in the city with hadley. we hung out with lauren, then went to hang out with tricia while she was nannying near the penetentary–wicked nice apts over there. i’m amazed. then hadley and i parted ways and i met eric at the gallery and we headed to south st to horizon’s–a sweet vegan restaraunt. it was so delicious. then ian came after his work and we just hung out. and then we grabbed a drink while we waited for the train, then ran to the train (literally), then went home. it was a really good time and i’m glad i got into the city, had a legit veg meal, burnt all my money, and had blast with eric and ian.

then thurs nihgt was the phish show. epic. i’ll have another update on that itself. it was so fun. I LOVE PHISH, and i’ve been waiting 5 years for this day. and i made it. thank you, God.

then friday i went with dad, dan, and joan to the poconos (which means a river between two mountains in some native american language, btw). we camped out in joan’s camper which was really sweet. you just push a button and it pops up. technology these days! but it was really fun and we just ate and laughed and hung out that night and predictably, i couldn’t sleep. AND PREDICTABLY my bladder is the smallest one on planet earth so like 1.5 hours after i went to the bathroom right before i slept i woke up and had to go. AGAIN. this had two major detriments: 1. it woke me up from a perfectly good sleep, and 2. i def was at a higher risk of getting eaten by a bear on my walk to the bathroom at 1:30 in the morning. what in the world bladder, don’t do me like that! then when i came back from doing my business, i couldn’t sleep. but my view was directly of the moon through the trees and it was full and i twas so gorgeous. amen Father for a beautiful world that speaks Your wisdom.

Vicious ... bear had to be driven away by neighbours

saturday we went rafting on the lehigh river. it was sooooo hot and not that eventful because the rapids were like only class 2 at most and very rarely even that high and we kept having to stop to wait for the really slow people in our group (slow = incompetant? not always but sometimes…). but it was hilarious to be with dad joan, me dan, brad laura (joan’s daughter and son in law) on the raft because there was so much arguing hahaha. oh family. anyway, white water challengers is not a good outfitter. don’t use it.

so then dan and i came back and went to taz’s par-tay which was chilled out by the time we got there but fun and great to see everyone.

then sunday = church and good times with ji yun, and blue focus breaking down and me walking 1.5 mi for gas which didn’t even solve the problem. then yest kirstin came home!! and i got to see her, so we hung out last night and today. today we went to the carnival and it was funny because we walked up to it, and mind you we’ve been going to the same exact carnival for 21 years, and this year we pointed to literally every ride, one at a time, and explained that we couldn’t go on the rides. “oh ic ould never do that one. oh yea def not that one either. no that one spins way too fast. i can’t do fast spin things. oh like that one. yea not that one either” until we eliminated literally every adult ride in the place. kiddy dragon roller coasters are the way to go!!

then i got a drink with tony and taz at KC’s alley and hung out with ken and dan tonight. i’m feeling more than a lil emotional that i’m MOVING to va in a week. i want to do so much before i go!! but i have so little time!!! :(:(. amen. i’m praying for no regrets.

i can’t stop listening to broken bells high road. it’s great.


2 Responses to “boring update”

  1. heffalump Says:

    ok so this is me sharing your pain in moving. now that that’s over with, get your butt back to VA!!!! i miss you so stinkin much. and we need to go to starr hill together!

  2. elainasays Says:

    Wiss carnival. Fun times. I remember going there as a middle schooler, no parents, thinking i was so cool. Once i saw a kid get off that spinny thing and throw up and then walk over his vomit like it was not his. glad u didnt get eaten by a bear.

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