i feel like a woman, man

these past few days i made more progress in my transformation becoming a woman. i cleaned, cooked, baked, and my hair probably grew a little more. so for father’s day, dan and i cleaned the entire garage–it was crazy. we are so amazing and dan did most of the work but i swept a lot (gender roles? yup). so then i baked a brownie cake with my dad that night, then PREPPED FOOD to make breakfast for dad in the morning, then went to bed, woke up early, and cooked the food. crazy! then i went to church with hadley and ji yun at temple and got mad lost. it was terrible and today was so hot. then i went to sandy’s for dinner for father’s day which was nice.

all in all, being home has been uber relaxing andi haven’t updated much because i haven’t been doing much of anything except getting drinks with friends, walking in my neighborhood, reading, and watching tv. i’ve been surprisingly content being lazy and being by myself which has pretty much been my antithesis for the past 4 years. i spent a ton of time with suz, but she is gone to boston now.

oh yea and i went to CO last week. it was sweet and i got see everyone and go to my memory spots, most importantly WASH PARK!!!

mntevans.jpg image by kandisnz

i can describe wash park. it’s jsut…perfect. i love it. i spent probably like 75% of my free time there in CO. it’s so great. i’m going to take better pictures next time i go, but please just believe me, it’s the greatest and most peaceful place. i spent about an hour in a tree there overlooking the lake. and i could have spent the whole day there. it’s that kinda place.

also i did roller derby in denver with tiffany. alyssa and ashley were there watching. it was definitely fun and the lady said i “had a lot of agression. i like it”. so basically i bumped so people out and kept the jammers from getting through and fell a few times and i like it enough to do it again but not to be on a team. also i fell in the parking lot BEFORE i even got skates on (bad ankles, you see), so i was really bruised and bloody before i even went in there. makes for a great story. and great pictures.

i got pretty bruised up and felt real tuff. i am real tuff so bam. the pics don’t do it justice, btw.

i’ll leave with some other pics from CO. and 2 unnerving thoughts: 1. when i was at wash park i was walking by myself with my ipod and i looked up at sittingn under a tree by a creek were 2 girls and a  guy and the guy was waving at me. was he trying to hit? or did i nkow him? i’ll never ever know. 2. there are like 3 bugs on the bed behind me right now. where do they go when i’m sleeping? sick nasty

hopefully seeing phish on thursday with my brother????????????/ HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “i feel like a woman, man”

  1. heffalump Says:

    can we please do roller derby together? i need an outlet for my aggression. and also i pretty much just want to be ellen page from whip it

  2. elainasays Says:

    your such a woman. you even drove your kids to church. roller derby- i can totes see u being awesome at that, b/c of your northern aggression.

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