pet peeve #2

don’t hit me with your oversized bag that’s so oversized you don’t realize you’re hitting other people when you’re walking through a crowd hitting everyone. watch your babies too please.

i just watched gLee and cried. bleh!


3 Responses to “pet peeve #2”

  1. elainasays Says:

    1. im surprised you watch glee.
    2. oversize bags especially on people who don’t know where they are going are dangerous…because they could turn at any minute and smack you in the face.

  2. heffalump Says:

    did you watch the season finale? so stinkin amazing! and yeah, i feel so affronted when people whack me with their faux leather bags, or even worse, those basket-weave kinds. it’s offensive. and they knock stuff off clothing racks and shelves and pretend that they don’t notice, and it’s irritating.
    also, thanks for finally posting a new entry. i’ve been checking every few days

  3. kabowdler Says:

    i definitely got whacked in the face many times with those bags when i would ride the shuttle to class. but i think it was also the fault of the driver who let on about 20 people more than he was supposed to. you’re bound to get a bag in the face when that happens.

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