it’s over

this is going to be a very long post. warning.

today was quite the adventure. well let’s start earlier than that.

so last weekend (22, 23) was grad weekend. that was fun, it wasn’t sad, it just was exhausting and a miracle that it didn’t rain. i wrote in an earlier post about that. it just hadn’t been emotional really until last night. i’m not sure why. i think i was just focused on other issues i was having so my mind wasn’t really grasping the pending doom.

then the next week was really boring at times and really phenominal at times. it’s definitely a time i look back on and am filled with joy and tears of sorrow that it’s all over. this was the last week with the house, the last week fourth years would be in town, the last week to have college as i’ve known it for the past year, with remnants and glimpses of how it’s been over all the past four years. we went out a lot, we watched a lot of tv, we bonded, we had adventures, it was amazing. since it was the last thing that happened, it’s the last thing i remember, and i am glad it’s what i remember. i love my friends, i love god, i love uva, i love charlottesville, and i love the times we spend together. then there was the wedding.

grace, our housemate of two years and first year suitemate (and room mate for becca and malerie), got married to jason, whom she’s been dating since first year. this was weird and great. weird because i’m 21 and i really don’t want to believe other 21 year olds are getting married, but great because they totally should be married and it was a great time to have all our friends that we’ve had for literally 4 years be all together to celebrate our two love birds. also the rehearsal dinner was awesome and they made me a vegan plate cause only charlottesville would know exactly what a vegan is and the boar’s head inn is GORGEOUS!

the wedding was gorgeous and beautifully done. and exhausting. after the wedding, we went home to nap for a little, then rendezvoused at the virginian on the corner for one last night out except that becca and i met up with them at biltmore because we were late. biltmore is my fav. i’m gonna miss it.

and them monday we recovered and cleaned. so much. so. much. SO MUCH!! omg. i’m so glad all the packing and cleaning is over. note to self and everyone else: DON’T WAIT TWO YEARS TO CLEAN A HOUSE. ew. spare yourselves while you still can. then monday night clark jessie and i went to see of montreal which was more than slightly blasphemous and not that amazing except they played a few songs we knew. amen.

THEN!! tues morn, mal and i had the train ride up together. i was so excited about this becuase we did this first year and so it’s kind of like coming full circle. except that the taxi was supposed to come at 8:30 and didn’t get to the house until 8:50. are you kidding me? it was “stuck around the corner”. please tell me how you get stuck in charlottesville. traffic? no. accident? no. long story short i got on the train minus my big bag of clothing and malerie missed it. attempt to salvage college for the final 5 hours: failed. i am never using access taxi or wahtever it’s called again because THEY ARE TERRIBLE! but in the end it might have been a good thing because after saying goodbye to becca and megan i was emotionally fragile and cried most of the way up to dc then someone sat next to me so i pouted. he offered me a cookie. dude, you only made it worse. I USED TO LOVE ENTEMANNS!

looking back on college, and especially the past few weeks, brings a smile to my face and lots of laughter as i remember the good times which vastly outnumber and overshadow the bad. it’s funny to look back and see the mistakes we’ve made and to see how much we’ve grown in so many ways. i’ve come out of college way different than i went in. and now i’m sitting here, in my room at home, where it all started. my house is gone, my school is gone, my life as a student is gone, my friends are gone, and it’s tempting to say the memories are gone but it’s not true. even while we were all saying our good byes we were already making plans to see eachother in the near future. that’s how i know i’ve made the right friends because there’s an earnest desire to stay in contact and maintain a relationship. and i thank god continuously that he’s blessed me with an amazing four years.

it’s hard to put it in words. i’m tempted to say there’s a void where “college” used to be, but i know there’s no void, just memories in place of actual, physical experiences. it’s different, but it’s a blessing. i will never forget these years, the best years of my life; i will never stop thanking god for the opportunities i’ve been given and the ways i’ve been blessed with friends and experiences. “college,” i love you, and i miss you.


4 Responses to “it’s over”

  1. rainsuki Says:

    Whow..! A lot of things happened … this entry was LOADED. I managed to get through it..jk jk I enjoyed reading it. Those graduation pics are AMAZING! Who took them for you? Such awesome shots. Mine were either blurry or dark…

    Awww….I can’t believe Grace and Jason finally got married! That’s crazy…I’m still in a state of shock. Next thing you know they’re gonna have a baby shower.. WHOW SLOW DOWN TIME! I love how the bridge was painted; so sweet 😀

    Kate!! Don’t cry!! I love you girl ❤ I wish i coulda been in the taxi with you. 😦 It finally hit you still hasn't completely hit me yet. I don't think it will till september. this made me laugh: "cried most of the way up to dc then someone sat next to me so i pouted. he offered me a cookie." haha, sorry I don't mean to laugh at your misery but the way you described the situation was just funny..especially the part where you said "so i pouted" lol. And then he gave you a cookie haha.

    Anyway, wow…I really can't believe it's been 4 years. It doesn't feel like it, but I'm so blessed to have been in your life all these years. I thank God for putting you in my life. I'm especially grateful that He strengthened our friendship this past semester and deepened our bond. You're so special to me Kate and I love you 🙂 God really has blessed us with so much and I love how we were both transformed by Him. We went in as similar people and came out even more alike though completely different from the way we were before. Good times… kato-chan! ❤

  2. kaitlynmeehow Says:

    laura!!! haha i know this entry was so long i’m glad someone read it 🙂 hahah. my bro took the pics, he’s got a sweet camera, so they turned out awesome!

    haha ok the worst part about the cookie was that i wanted it but i couldn’t eat it. ugh. entemanns are the best! haha it was funny though

    i love you laura 🙂

  3. kabowdler Says:

    i read it! the whole thing was cute and i laughed when you said you pouted 🙂 because i just could see you sitting there pouting and then a guy offers you a non-vegan cookie…typical.
    love you kate!

  4. elainasays Says:

    i didnt read it. but the pictures of your graduation are epic especially the 2nd one. its like pure freedom and joy.

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