flying upward over the mountain

after the last grueling 24-36 hours of finals where i slept in the library and spent every waking moment finishing up, i’m finally done. i slept it off, ate it off, and brushed my teeth a lot to make up for what was lost during those hours. yes, the blow pops did the trick keeping me awake but also made for some of the most uncomfortable hours of my life. teeth should never be that…. gnarly. lolz

anyway, now thati have rested, the madness begins trying to pack up and leave this place that has been home for 2 years. home for 1 year is bad enough but 2 years is worse. everything we didn’t want to take care of last year…it’s still here. plus some. i have a box of things in the basement i’m dreading going to get. apparently it flooded down there? sick nasty.

113 maywood. i will always love you, your leaky toilets, fruit flies, broken heaters, and all.

so as i’ve been packing it’s been so weird seeing cards and notes and itineraries and photos and to-do lists from over the past few years. i even found some from like 3 years ago. i feel like the overwhelming flood of nostalgia hasn’t come yet, but knowing me, i’ll be crying uncontrollably in the next week or so. i’m way too nostalgic. even after i left e school after handing in my last paper friday, i came home, and i got a little preview of how i’m going to feel at graduation. i got sad that i would never be at the library slaving over work again or working with lyz or becca late and taking our strolls home. that’s how twisted i am. dear mind and soul: please don’t miss the bad times but instead the good times. where along the line did that get messed up? sheesh.

when i dropped kirstin off to the train station the other day i went to blue moon diner and drank bottomless amounts of coffee and wrotes a few lists, one of which i’ll write here. last weekend was ariel’s bday so she and elaina came down and went out with k, katie, laura, and i downtown for drinks.we spent most of the next day together too, and this is a list of funny things that happened with them and also with k during the time she was here.

  • FMF
  • ealan
  • “pikachu?”
  • marry old, die young
  • vat is your name? eh?
  • oh no, an elbow!
  • k stepping on my feet at starbucks trying desperately to tell the barista which pastry she wanted
  • k and i are incapable of making a movie selection in under 2 hours
  • clotheslining babies for chocolate

great weekend guys, good work. miss you already.


6 Responses to “flying upward over the mountain”

  1. kabowdler Says:

    this is by far my favorite post. i am so nostalgic too…i didn’t think i would be during graduation but it felt different than i imagined. i immediately missed being able to say, “i’m going to the studio, i’ll be back later” but when i was in school i often dreaded going to the studio….so messed up, i don’t understand. i think i will miss your house too, even though i was only there for 3 days. it was so much fun 🙂

    oh an elbow.

  2. heffalump Says:

    soo good! i’m not even graduating and i already get nostalgic and sad at the idea of leaving this place. what a great weekend! can we please have another just like it soon? come to the burg! seriously. FMF

  3. kaitlynmeehow Says:

    i’m looking forward to MANY more similiar weekends 🙂 hburg cville 4 lyfe FMF

  4. Jen Says:

    1. i totally miss late nights in the library. why do i miss fighting the sleepys to study kinesiology? goodness, i don’t know, but i get to do that again for another three years in just a year. woot woot.
    2. did k bring ‘vat is your name? aaa?’ that’s a classic in our house.
    3. k and i are horrible at picking movies too. she seems to be the common thread…

    • kaitlynmeehow Says:

      hahahaha i’m so happy that is a classic. also “computer e lock – e – ah – jai” how do you like that spelling? and yea kirstin is the common thread. i could pick a movie in like 2 seconds. psh kirstin, how … plebian.

  5. heffalump Says:

    see, i feel like the real plebians have an easier time picking movies. however, it is the group of elite movie watchers with a better-educated taste that have a more difficult time choosing what they want to see. i have to side with kirstin here

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