babies for chocolate

studying. i hatez it. well doing projects. well doing the same exact project you’ve been doing for the whole semester. i hatez it.

i am eating a coconut pinapple bar. i likez it.

my playlist:

  • boy with a coin, iron and wine
  • pagan angel and borrowed car, iron and wine
  • backwards down the number line, phish
  • get me bodied, beyonce
  • brokedown palace, grateful dead
  • gold lion, yeah yeah yeahs
  • i and love and you, avett  brothaz
  • i can’t be tamed, miley
  • just kidding
  • human nature, michael
  • two weeks, grizzly

movies i want to own:

  • juno
  • little miss sunshine
  • signs (for rainy days)
  • say anything
  • high fidelity

those are lists i think about when i’m actually supposed to be doing work. i’m going to finish my stupid project now. i’ll see you on the other stupid side stupid n00b.

also i feel like other people’s blogs (like when i log into wordpress) have a meaning. i think mine needs a meaning. and i think i shouldd think of one. ya dig?


One Response to “babies for chocolate”

  1. Erin Says:

    When are you going to put my beautiful photographs on your blog? I feel like you always saying you’re going to and then not doing it means you think my pictures are ugly, and it hurts my feelings….*sniffle*

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