tip tip tip

kirstin anna maria bowlder is here and we are having tonz of fun yo. we’ve been downtown about 5 times, taken about 200 buses, missed a few, and walked about 10 miles so far. because life’s not about how many breaths we breathe but the times we breathe the most heavy.

we are going to take a bathroom tour of uva tomorrow. i’ll update later. my bathroom analysis is pending.

Lebanese chefs prepare a massive bowl of hummus in Fanar, east of Beirut

that’s lebanon’s biggest vat of hummus. they’re in a battle with israel over who can make the biggest serving of hummus. i’m totally fightin for lebanon. GET EM!


2 Responses to “tip tip tip”

  1. Erin Says:

    DUDE. i’m totally with you in pulling for lebanon–not israel’s biggest fan, honestly. i’m eagerly awaiting your analysis of the bathrooms. i want to make sure i use the nicest bathroom here before i graduate.

  2. elainasays Says:

    i like your breathing quote.
    so when i was at UVa i realized that JMU is way prettier and better kept and i told this to Ariel and she pointed out that yall have different priorities like education and JMU just focuses on looking pretty and having good food. but im okay with that.

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