my style is rolled up denim and cardigans and i’m pretty serious about it.

i’ve never been more excited to graduate in my life. i have no life. i don’t do anything ever except work. bleh

i started a pandora station on beyonce and now it only plays etta james and marvin gaye. i’m alright with it, but i’m confused.

i wish i were a robot so i could not having feels but just be programmed to do what i was supposed to do. i wouldn’t need coffee again :D!

i don’t know what to do during my time off this summah

my hands are ridiculously dry again–what happened summer?? you were so good to me!!!

pompadour-last show saturday.

i ain’t worried doin me tonight


One Response to “crazies”

  1. Erin Says:

    my love…you DO work too much. i miss you. we need to hang out more.

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