today while i was watching tv, i saw two really funny things. this is unusual, because usually the funny things i see are lobsters running away from chefs or wanna be models mixing up their geography. anyway, here were two funny things. the first, is just becasue i think hipsters are funny and the point about the decaying area is hilarious(ly true). the second, because PAH! when would windows ever NOT crash?? pa ha ha ha


3 Responses to “funny”

  1. elainasays Says:

    “ive never been a fan of hipsters because they are so hip.”

  2. kabowdler Says:

    hahahha love it. so today Jen totally got hit on by a hipster because his pick-up line was “hey, do you know any chill hippy places to hang out?”

  3. kaitlynmeehow Says:

    HAHAHAHAH omg. love it. jen does give off that hipster vibe.

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