all heart

i want a life. soon. dear god. a life? not in alderman.well my life is for him anyway, whether in the cage that is alderman or in the beauty that is outside, it’s all the same eh. a chasing after the wind, if you will.

so yesterday alyssa and i had an epic failure. it was all my fault, more like alyssa was on the ride with me. we got (almost) free tickets to the flaming lips concert downtown that was last night. so we started at bible talk, but i had a (really pointless) meeting right after btalk, so i went to that, then i had to take care of some really really annoying business which took predictably longer than it should have. so lyz met me in stacks, we walked to my house with my groceries which i had left in gaby’s car, then from my house walked all the way to the corner, then caught a trolly, went downtown, but by the time we got downtown, everyone was getting back ON the trolly to go back to grounds because the concert had ended. EPIC FAIL. but i looked at my clock and it was 10:30. what concerts ends at 10?? really cville, REALLY??? ugh. so upset.


here’s the aftermath. the spoon, you might be wondering, is from the soup that i was eating literally on the run to get the trolly. :-/

but the good news about yesterday is that pompadour got into the hook’s top 12 artists to watch in 2010 (ironic…).

the good times and the bad, He has created them both. and so it goes….


2 Responses to “all heart”

  1. elainasays Says:

    i kinda wish you were more sassy in the pic kate but your eyebrow ring makes up for it. u look awes. and i watched the youtube vid of the song mannequins and dang girl u good.

  2. kaitlynmeehow Says:

    haha at first i thought you meant the pic with the spoon and i was like..what? and i def tried to be sassy in some of the pics but for most of them i was laughing so hard. so i think in this pic i was trying to maintain my composure 🙂

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