my friday was crazy busy. i got no work done but i got to see a few people and it was nice to have a break.

anyway, saturday i did work all day except from about 5 on i was broin’ out. pompadour had a show at the garage, which is literally a one car garage across from this park downtown so the crowd sits in the park and watches the bands play. it’s so cute and adorable and a great vibe. fairly good sound too. anyway, we had a lil grill out before the show (and a lil during the first band), and it was so great. a bunch of the campus ministry came (snaps lyz, beth, bumpkin heather, ash flash, ali, and jon who isn’t funny ever) (and then aaron, gaby, and jason). that meant so much to me that they were there! and the show was really really fun and i think we got a good response. the first two bands, left & right, and andrew cedermark, were also really great. i hadn’t heard them before but had been meaning to, so this was a great chance.

here are some videos from battle of the bands:

so anyway. this is what i’ve been pumped about lately. everything just seems….terrible. i’ve never been more excited to graduate ever.


2 Responses to “ADORE”

  1. kabowdler Says:

    your last sentence…i hear you. i think when i get out of my last critique i will probably run around in circles from happiness or lay outside for a few hours doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because i can.

    p.s. can your band please play when i come?

  2. Erin Says:

    um…i’m a little hurt that i didn’t get mentioned in the list of people who went to your show. but i mean…i guess i’m not that important.

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