dear god

it’s so hot outside. i love it at night, it’s like perfect. you’re not sweating, and you’re not cold, it’s just comfortable. i just love it. usually during times like that i listen to really upbeat music like beyonce or miley or britney, but i’ve been really into chill music lately. i went home this weekend for easterz, and on the way up i sat with my friend chris on the train. we ended up watching the prestige, a movie about magicians, but during the first half of the trip, we just kindo f talked and then he slept while i studied, and the whole time we were talking i just really wanted to look out the window and listen to i and love and you by avett bros. virginia is just so beautiful, and i was headed north, and i’ve just been feeling just a lack of love (giving and recieving) lately, so the song just had to happen while i stared out the window. and it did happen, and it was great.

i’ve also been really into monsters of folk. i just downloaded their cd, and it’s good. i really like all their voices and the cd is fun and perfect for the kind of music i’ve been preferring lately. however, i do think it’s a little pretentious (apparently my favorite word…?) that they named themselves monsters of folk. but whatever. connor is as connor is. or whatever that saying is.

i want to picture update about being home. i got to see pretty much my entire family in a short 3 days, which is so impressive, considering my family is pretty fragmented. but i’m grateful i was able to see them all and i hope it meant a lot to them that i made the effort, because i just really want them to know that i love them and even though i took a job down south, i will miss them and want to see them as much as possible.

so my workout story (i’m full of em): i have been continuing on my quest to grow arms, so i’ve been using the machines at the afc. but it’s just funny because the weights are always at like 120lbs or like 95lbs or something so i go up, sit down, examine the weights, and i take the little peg out and i’m like ok 95, 100, 110, 120…..10lbs. and by the seventh rep my left arm can’t even lift it all the way and my face is pathetically strained and people walk by and look at my weights and i’m like what. you wanna judge? try it. i’ve got muscle you know. so i do my 3 sets of 7 reps, but before i walk away, i always put the peg back at like 95lbs, just so no one thinks i’m a sucker. i gotta maintain my image, you know

yesterday pompadour had a photoshoot. aint that something. we had to sit really close together and it was really weird. i hope we d on’t look too serious because everyone knows no one besides jeff takes our band seriously. and by that i mean jeff can’t ever joke around about anything. just kidding. but….

p.s. i keep hearing gchat sounds in my head. it used to only be when i was on the computer, but now it’s all the time. i need to stop gchatting.

pps i do love pompadour. for the record.


One Response to “dear god”

  1. elainasays Says:

    you hooked me on gchat and u used to be on all the time when i was on but now ur not and i need new gchat buddies. there is this random guy from a group of mine in a class i had like a yr ago and he is always on…i want to delete him but idk how.
    ps. i love you

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