mystery dum dum

right now, i’m so wholesome. i’m listening to joanna newsom on pandora, sitting at my desk,  lights off, candle lit, rain outside, writing about renewable energy. but before you start thinking i’m a white 40 yr old charlottesville mother sitting at shanendoa joe’s with my there kids playing around my prius outside, let me just say i’m writing about how dumb renewable energy is and i wish i were black.

so thursday i handed in the first interation of my thesis, which was probably bad. so i have about a week of break. but i do actually have to do a lot this week and i’m definitely bummed. nevertheless, becca and i are going out monday to monday in celebration of my thesis being mostly done. and by going out we mean taking our back packs from alderman library at midnight to grab a beer on the corner before walking home. man, we are CRA-ZAY! and soon to be broke

friday pompadour played a show at dance marathon. just as we all expected, no one cared about us, which makes sense given we don’t fit into the blonde sorority girl scene. but luckily our tight pant-wearing friends came and we maintained our cool image playing to four people in the crowd. go us!

saturday i went to the lacrosse game with clark jessie erin and stephen and we pwned. we’re ranked number one and john’s hopkins is 12 or something, so we basically cleaned up. i sat next to erin on one side and clark’s cousin and clark’s little brother on my other side. they’re in ninth grade so the whole time i was like, that’s basically how old justin bieber is. then i went to see the parking lot movie downtown with jessie and her friend and it was hilarious! i really liked it and now it gives me this weird feeling when i drive or walk by the corner parking lot hahah. then jessie clark and i went to jason’s birthday party at his house where we put glow sticks in everyone’s hoods and back pocket’s without them realizing it. fairly funny. again, we are so cra-zay.

now i have so much work to do. like, so much. i’m going home for easter so i’m pretty pumped to see my family. also my car almost got towed because it has dead tags from ’09, so to renew them i have to register in va. that means i’m officially a confederate. and while that sounds funny, i’ll probably cry when i do that because it represents the finality of my rejection of my family in the north by taking a job down south.

i tried to look for a pic of virginia that is beautiful to put here and when i googled it, this came up. toodlers in tiaras. obvi.

Tiny tots at the Southern Celebrity Beauty Pageant in Charleston, West Virginia as seen in Toddlers & Tiaras.TLC/Rebecca Drobis - Friday, January, 23, 2009, 10:23 PM


4 Responses to “mystery dum dum”

  1. kabowdler Says:

    oh goodness. i just love you. i read the first part out loud to jen. hilarious. what is your thesis about?

  2. elainasays Says:

    go south! haha i love that this picture came up. haha.

  3. Erin Says:

    kate…you guys did NOT go get beers every night like you said. so disappointed. but if you’re interested in having a beer with me every night after the 15th, i’m so game. 🙂

  4. Erin Says:

    btw…i have a whole slew of beautiful spring photos from right here at uva. steal them.

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