1. i make my oatmeal in a bowl, not on the stove. this presents a few difficulties, one being that the oatmeal might get a lil too soggy, or might be too dry. after some experimenting, i now leave a plate on top of the bowl my oatmeal, brown sugar, coconut oil, rice milk, and frozen berry of choice are in and leave sit for OVER 5 minutes. it’s an amateur mistake, as i have realized, to leave it sit for merely 5 minutes or less.

2. i made a resolve to work out my arms every day for the rest of the semester. that goal has fallen so that i now aim to work out my arms 4x a week. but, the thing is, my arms are really skinny. too skinny (hence the working them out). so i’m really insecure about doing my girl push ups and 10lb weight lifts at the gym. so today i was at the afc and i sat on the mat to stretch before i got a treadmill, and was about to let my insecurity get the best of me and save working my arms/abs for home (which is really abrasive on my knees and really just gross because we never clean our carpet), and then i looked over to my left, and there was this white girl doing this work out.


there was a asian girl to my right doing this work out


so i confidently did my girl push ups and crunches and went to the treadmill. i’m taking my insecurity one day at a time

3. was supposed to go to tech this weekend but it’s not happening anymore. but, it’ll be nice to be home and not in the lyb 24/7

4. speaking of lyb, i have been in alderman all the days of my life the past week because i had research meetings to prepare for and a paper to write that is due thursday (hence procrastinating now), so it’s been a huge bummer, especially with the weather so nice outside. then, last night, in the sleep i DID get, i dreamt i was in alderman. can i please have a more exciting life?

5. i hate toms and i’m excited to announce that bethany janka is with me on this. let me quote her so elegant description of the shoes america knows and misunderstands:

im glad we agree on our mutual disdain for toms and all they represent: materialism and trendiness masquerading as charity. i’m sticking it to the man. the man is a hipster and his name is toms.

i’ll leave this post with that. and this.


6 Responses to “”

  1. elainasays Says:

    TOMS were great and Id like to say I got my toms 3 years ago when it was not cool and people thought i was wearing socks not shoes. Now they are all over which is great meaning more kids have shoes but honestly i feel like they could be better. mine wore out in like days of wearing them. TOMS has now been overtaken by the hippsters where ppl just wear them to be cool, not to care.

  2. kaitlynmeehow Says:

    haha i knew you’d say something about that. no one says anything about my gym experience. i thought that was funny…and i don’t htinkyou’re annoying with your TOMS. i don’t like your TOMS but i like you

  3. H's Says:

    I’m thinking of planting a garden outside of my dorm and convincing people to eat only from it in order to not give any more money to the man. Also, my arms are sore, too.

  4. kabowdler Says:

    i’m not sure how i feel about Toms. i mean, on the one hand, i say that its a good idea and i’m all for little kids having shoes and i also like the style of shoe…but i agree, i think its becoming a statement and thats just lame. but so is the whole “green movement” and while i absolutely hate the trendy re-usable bags that places like forever 21 sell…i’m just happy that people are re-using bags.

  5. kaitlynmeehow Says:

    yea i mean, i guess if people are buying $5 at a price of $40 to be in the “in” crowd, at least it’s getting poor kids shoes. i would just not pay that much money for shoes that don’t last that long. but the people who work at toms are young and hip and use blackberrys. can i contend?

    also what do you hate about the green movement?

  6. elainasays Says:

    i did like your gym story. 🙂
    sorry to ignore it. i thought it was funny. people do awkward things at the gym. I was at the gym watching days of our lifes and laughing the whole time i was on the eliptical…i prob looked really strange.

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