home. sweet.

i iz back to da ville. drove down with doyle,talked about paychecks, non profit work, how talk show audiences are always liberal and stupid, and how beyonce is the greatest. oh wait that was just me. doyle was arguing for coldplay. boy, get it right. p.s. beyonce, if you’re ever reading, i’ll defend you, your talent, and your sassiness until the bitter end.

we made some blue berry muffins for my very special lady girlie pouchy poo(p) jessie love. they are ok but mostly cakey. some day i’m going to figure out how to make bangin vegan muffins and i’ll write a book “vegan muffins take over the world”.

break was good, i slept and ate a lot. i’m so happy. but one thing i didn’t do was work so i gotta go a ton of that this weekend. unfortunately i think at this point it’s an all out sprint until the end of the semester–lamo.

anyway, kirstin i’m following your blog now. so pumped. this one’s for you:

i can’t figure out my favorite mustache because i want them all


One Response to “home. sweet.”

  1. kabowdler Says:

    every ounce of that post reminds me of why i love you and why we’ve been friends for…how long…? 15 years…? 16? especially the “vegan muffins take over the world” part. I would personally buy 10 of those books if you ever did that.

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