awes weekend

This weekend was so great. My campus ministry (mine) went to natural bridge (or natty bridge as i like to call it) for a campus retreat! the lessons were phenominal, the theme was great expectations. the most impactful lessons were on great expectations for the lost and great expectations for relationships. i felt like it really just called us to a new level of godly love and i really appreciated the honesty and heart that were in every lesson. amen!

anyway, i got to spend time with kirstin and jen, who i NEVER get to see ever so it was so great and so fun!! kirstin and i say things at the same time like twinsies even though we’ve been separated for so long (i guess 15 years of friendship will do that). i love and miss them already. we got breakfast together sunday morning and i remember looking around at the table and being so grateful that we were all together. and also feeling like we were middle aged and married, but that’s alright.

so kirstin lauren and i went to foamhendge, which was def a highlite of the trip for me. i’ve been eagerly awaiting it for a long time. and it was everything i expected and more.


Jim and i at natty bridge!

also, completely changing topics, jeff found this article about battle of the bands. i laugh so hard because they noted our (jessie and my) repeated (2 times) reference to celtic woman HAHAH. and also my skillz but really i just love our band. i’m gonna miss it mucho much. although this guy didn’t get ANY of the band references right. jefferson airplane? please jeff’s probably never heard of them. weezer? *sigh we’ll never be that talented….

❤ life


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