a normal feb weekend…

soooo this weekend was jammed.

friday: JMU-volleyball in a squash court. that’s all i need to say.

sat: food bank, girls brunch, PV class then BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!

battle of the bands was: st. gods, los fusionistas, pompadour, astronomers, and superlift.


us at the building tomorrow benefit concert last semester

we took the grand prize of first PLACE! we got a lot of positive feed back (actually  none of the judges gave any negative feed back to any of the bands which is sort of….counter productive). but i got a lot of compliments on my drumming which was swell even though i botched walls, daz aite. anyway, it was pretty sweet. went to caleb’s for a little dance-a-roo afterwards, and someone called jessie and me queens of the dance floor haha. royalty suckers.

sunday: still ridin’ on the feeling of royalty, awesome church service about true religion, emotional baptismo, then flippin out about being a failure at life and not getting any work done. and i’m getting sick but i do’nt think i’ll have to be wearing any SARS masks this time like when i had tonsillitis. and then today i waited in ecoMOD’s unheated house for an hour waiting for the internet guy to come and he never did. needless to say, i’ve retreated back to alderman to nurse my worthless feeling…


One Response to “a normal feb weekend…”

  1. H's Says:

    i am friends with the # 1 drummer in charlottesville

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