Snowy times

so i haven’t updated in a while, shame on me. i plan to do a plog (yes!) about my winter break and highlites of last semester. i can’t believe we’re almost out of here. FOURTH YEARS!!!!

anyway this past weekend i baby sat. it was relatively terrible. babysitting for a few hours is fine, but for a whole weekend gets a little cabin-fevery, pull hair out of my head style. not that i get a lot of personal space in a house of ten girls, but at least i’m not afraid of getting bitten or of making hot dogs and other various meat schmorgishborgs.

anyway, the two weekends before that were very snowy and tons of fun. we went sledding/snow ball fighting on the last the first weekend (becca, alyssa, beth, jon, mo, doyle, deanna, jessie, and clark. lee, mal, megan, and erin were there for a time), and the second weekend we kind of stayed in. becca doyle aryn and i walked downtown to millers on saturday, which was so great to get out of the house. becca took an epic fall penguine style on her stomach. it was the highlite of the night basically. we came back and played around a little on the corner, including playing banana grams with ruthie and some other people at a booth in trinity. so great.

this weekend pompadour is playing at uva’s battle of the bands. so pumped. we are getting so many compliments from everyone who was at the selections comittee. it feels good 🙂


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