i am sick

i am so happy to hear that people are reading my blog! it’s so engaging, i’m not surprised. who doesn’t want to read about metallic tights! w00t!

anyway. i have tonsillitis. it’s the pits. it’s kind of like i swallowed a knife and now there’s a gaping laceration down the left side of my throat. it’s way better this morning though. yesterday morning was unbarable so i made jessie take me to student health. it reminded me of when i had mono when i was in high school and how terrible that was. i got penicilin and advil with codeine. that’s a little intense. i’m def not going to use that and no, i’m def not going to sell it either.

that was my big update. i’m pretty excited for my exam that was supposed to be today that is now tomorrow to be over because then i only have 2 exams, 1 of which is in drumming i’ll pwn that pretty good, the other is in CS which is not that hard, and a paper. which will be easy. and then recording with band and then homeeeee sweet hommmeee which is really a mix of emotions. mostly our house is just freezing cold which is really annoying.

i really miss coffee.


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