you can join us any time

yay i got a blog! mosty for documenting my fourth year extravaganzas. maybe i can do vlogs (video blogs) of plogs (picture blogs) or even slogs! (guess)

so it’s nearly finals and mostly i’ll be in the library all my life. i’m even making the switcheroo from intelectual alderman to club clemons where i can party all night long into the morning. let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

except it probably will because jessie is rearranging our room, most specifically my mattress, and putting it in a very unusual, closeted, and coveted place. it was really the only thing i could do to get her to pick up her clothes….


One Response to “you can join us any time”

  1. Laura-chan Says:

    Woooo!!! A blog allll about Kate-chan!! ^________________^
    I want all of those vlogs and plogs and slogs that you mentioned please.

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